Hard sided marquee

Over a decade ago, TL Marquee Hire proudly erected our first marquee for this well-known retail giant. Since then, we have nurtured and developed a trusted partnership. When they called for short lead time support during maintenance at their HQ, the TL team sprang into action! The brief was intricate; our client sought space to accommodate 1000 staff members. A premium marquee with a semi-permanent ambiance was required. It was crucial that the hard-sided marquee be precisely positioned to avoid disrupting day-to-day operations during installation.

This requirement posed several considerations for us to address. Firstly, the project's scale demanded delivery within a relatively short time frame. Additionally, the marquee installation was scheduled for a chilly and damp two-week period in March.

The challenges

Finally (and probably the trickiest aspect!), we noticed that some of our required stock was in use for other events. Embracing the challenge, we swiftly began devising solutions. Our team thoroughly surveyed the site to address potential issues during installation. We promptly acquired additional cassette flooring, ensuring a solid and level surface one meter above the ground using our floorstack leveling system. This not only stabilized the ground but also guaranteed we had ample stock to meet all contractual obligations.

To enhance accessibility, we installed a ramp and incorporated aluminium French doors to retain heat. Managing the project comprehensively, we oversaw the installation of ancillary services like heating and audio-visual requirements. The ultimate solution materialized as a 20 x 45-meter hard-sided marquee, utilizing our ABS solid wall and glass panelling. Complete with premium white flat lining and a solid wooden floor, it fulfilled our vision.

A premium solution

We also erected an 84 meter walk way leading to the main structure, to help protect against the elements. This was to meet the brief of our clients director who was to address 1000 of his staff within the structure, to thank them for their hard work and present the company's figures. The event was such a success that it has now planned as a twice yearly fixture. Our client had this to say, following a successful completion of the project.

"I currently work for a large retail company and we have used TL Marquee Hire for a number of years. They are a fantastic company to work with and nothing is ever too much trouble for them. They go above and beyond what is expected from start to finish. Very quick to adapt to multiple requests no matter how crazy an idea is. I look forward to continually working with the company and their team."

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